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Fabric bags Backpacks

We have several kinds of fabric bagsc with a typical backpacks desing. They are manufactured in Spain. You can find one with the very popular form that we are more used to seeing and is widely used by consumers: with cord handles and drawstring tightening at the top. It is a wrapper that usually wear at the back and distribute the weight of shopping very efficiently. Another of our backpack is also made from non-woven and they close in the same way, by shirring. The difference is in the cords, arranged together so that the bag can be carried on shoulder. That is a packaging that has a traditional rucksack look, also with their circular base, but much more modern and manageable. The two backpack styles with drawstring tightening can be used in a perfect way like gifts to your customers, in order to recognize their faithfulness. Any store has the possibility of using these bags as packaging that carrying everything, from clothing to food. This versatile use is due to not sewn fabric, which has small pores that serve to items inside can breathe. We can screen print, if you wish, your 100 grams backpacks. This also includes a single handle model that allow using this backpack in a body cross way. Our customized packaging process ensures an exquisite finish and unique bags. This is an added value, by which your customers will be loyal, will be very economical. We adapt not only to your budget, we can sale from few units, only units that you need. Our backpacks are both reusable and recyclable, and we offer you a wide variety of colors that you can choose. They are a convenient wrapper for your customers because they could carry into a number of items and it can be also large.

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