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Very Small White Bags

Reference: 00830

Dimensions: 14 cm wide x 21,5 cm long x 8,5 cm bellows

Material: 100g kraft paper

Handle: Curly Colored Paper


Our small white bags are wrappers that you will find very affordable. Why? They are made automatically, in other words: mechanized process, which reduces costs. This is perfect for more limited budgets, especially if you are starting your own business.

They measure: 14 cm wide x 21,5 cm long and its bellows is 8,5 cm which makes it to be a small bag. Their twisted handles and thickness of 100 grams of cellulose paper give them resistance and turn they into a very versatile package. Any small item can be transported in it: small accessories, cosmetics and soaps, jewelry, handicrafts or small baby clothes, among many examples.

These bags are manufactured in cellulose paper which is eco-friendly and it is endorsed the FSC label. Biodegradable and highly reusable, your customers will advertise your brand when they used them to transport objects in their daily lives. Do you want the advertising of your brand be even greater? you can customized them with your logo or special design, the color you want, on the white background of the bag. We use non-toxic inks in our process in order to assure a high quality bag with a perfect finish.
If you do not know perfectly well how decorate them in Bolsalea are at your disposal to help, through multiple channels (phone, email, chat ...).

From 400 units you can offer a quality bag, in a unique shopping experience.



Es el tamaño que necesito, pero ha llegado con los bordes de la parte de arriba doblados y rotos.