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Paper Bags with Cotton Handles 19x25x9+6

Reference: 00837

Dimensions: 19 cm wide x 25 cm high x 9 cm bellows + 6 cm back in mouth

Material:  cellulose paper 100 grams

Handles: white cotton cord


We have a new product in our catalog and we are looking forward you try them. This is: a small bag with cotton handles, 100 grams of basis weight and made with biodegradable paper.

They are different because they are halfway between automatic and manual bags. They are between economic bags and others that better known like super luxury bags, but this one doesn´t have a prohibitive price. The beginning of manufacture is mechanized and the end of the process is done by hand.

These "semiluxury" small bags measure: 19 cm wide, 25 long and have 9 cm lateral bellows, plus another 6 cm back in mouth at the top. This detail is characteristic of our luxury bags and makes them more unique.

If you want to share with your consumers this special charm, we encourage you to customize with your logo. We will screen print your logo in high quality and any inks that you want to choose (all water based inks) on the white background. This will help to give more publicity to your store when the bags to be used by your costumers.

This kind of elongated packaging is eco friendly and endorsed by PEFC official seal.


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