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Kraft Envelopes 100 gr 18x32

Reference: 06340

Dimensions: 18 cm wide x 32 cm high x 7,5 cm hexagonal base

Material: 100g kraft paper


 These kraft paper bags without handles are 100 grams of weight. This thickness of these bags allows a safely transportation of products and compensate the fact that they don´t have handles. This feature could be a problem but in this package becomes precisely a powerful detail that gives them charm. They are also called American grocery bags and come in different colors, something totally different apart that we usually see in the street, for example, in the US where they go in habana tone.

From 250 units, you can also purchase this packaging with which you can offer a unique shopping experience; yours personal shopping experience. We are at your disposal through any of our communication channels (chat, email, WhatsApp ...) to solve your doubts and give you an estimate budget in less than one hour.

We invite you to customize these kraft paper bags without handles, 18 cm wide x 32 cm high, to make them even more attractive. Imagine your personal brand printed on them and wandering around the city. That could be happen when you customize your paper bags, in the tone that you choose and with a high quality finish, your customers would use them.In this way, your brand would gain visibility and if customization is attractive, sure the traffic to your store will increase. In addition, your consumers will be happy to reuse them when they want to have a detail with someone, for example. Presence in the market is something that you will get in either case.

This packaging is environmentally friendly because the raw material that it have made is biodegradable and recycled as much recyclable. So, your bags have an added value, besides the fact that they are made in Spain. This is a quality that assurance you a work well done.


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