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Glossy Envelopes 70 gr 26x45

Reference: 06333

Dimensions: 26 cm wide x 45 cm high x 11 cm hexagonal base

Material: 70 g whitened cellulose 


These paper bags without handles are made of white satin cellulose. They weigh 70 grams, this feature makes them strong enough to transport purchases in a reliably way. You wouldn´t miss the handles and this is one of the reason because these paper bags is prefered by customers, that carrying a different packaging.

You can take advantage of the extraordinary personality of these paper bags to give visibility to your store. From our experience creating wrappers for small businesses, we know that consumers like the custom bags. They are more attractive and people can see them as a way which your brand to care the details. To all of these characteristics we must add a personal touch that secure us that our brand stay fresh on clients´ mind.

These wrappers represent very well the retailer character, so these paper bags fit with stores that consider their products like exceptionals. Whether they sold as bulk units.

In Bolsalea can print on your bags your distinctive brand, on one side or two side. We do this in high quality screen printing using a manual and careful process. In this way, we achieve a clean finish, our house brand. Please, keep in mind that it is also an environmentally friendly process because we use water-based inks. Indeed, this is our commitment to the sustainability of the planet because we use both biodegradable and recyclable environmentally friendly paper.

These bags without handles measure 26 cm wide x 45 cm long. Their quality is also certified by the stamp made in Spain. A referent outside our borders.


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