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Kraft Envelopes 100 gr 26x45

Reference: 06250

Dimensions: 26 cm wide x 45 cm high

Material: 100 g laid kraft paper


These laid kraft paper bags without handles have a nice ecofriendly touch. This is due to their recycled paper that give them a kraft brownish tone that add a natural appearance.

By the combination of both features these are special packaging ideal for food stores with a careful image, sweet stores or natural cosmetic stores. A look that can mix with your corporate identity through your customized bags.

We do this through a high quality process with a neat and unique finish. This means that your package will be unique and your clients will have a special buying experience.

They are mede with 100 grams laid kraft recycled paper and the their base is hexagon, with this the items inside be carrying in balanced way. These bags are elongated and you can leave them open or close the top, either folds or rolling it. This shows that you have the option to continue giving them your touch even after being screen printed. Your creativity is the limit.

These wrappers are recyclable, and reusable which means that Bolsalea have a commitment with the environment. They have a long and useful life, something that contributes to sustainability, because consumers incorporate them into their everyday lives when carrying things or when they used to wrap a gift.

This packaging bears the quality stamp of product "made in Spain". This is a regular claim from clients not only because these strengthen the relationship with your buyers, also it could be a great opportunity in the international market.

It is a very economical package that fits with tightest budgets and that can be acquired in small quantities.


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