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Paper Bags for Boots 36x54x16

Reference: 00104

Dimensions: 36 cm wide x 54 cm high x 16 cm bellows

Material: 100g paper

Handles: curly colored kraft paper


From 200 units we can offer these bags with a very singular dimension (36 cm wide x 54 cm high x 16 cm bellows). They are made entirely in Spain, they are perfect for transporting bulky products such as boots in their boxes.

With their 100 grams kraft paper and curly handles, they have all necessary resistance so your customers carried their purchase safely. With this package you give them better experiences, good service to associate with your brand. And for the best association possible, you can customize them with your logo or design, printing on white or verjurado colors.

They are respectful of the environment because paper comes from forests controlled logging (endorsed by PEFC and FSC seals), and our high-quality screen printing is made with water-based inks.

Please remember, we ensure quality products and an affordable economic offer too.


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