Die Cut Handle Bags 18x32x6

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Dimensions: 18 cm wide x 32 cm high x 6 cm lateral bellows

Material: Paper 50 and 60 grams

Handles: Die cut


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These paper bags with 50 grams and 60 grams, measure: 18 cm wide, 32 cm high and 6 cm lateral bellows. These bags with die cut handles are available in 7 colors.

Their handles are reinforced with cardboard that give them more consistency and increase their resistance. They have 6 cm bellows by both sides of the bag (not the base) and at the top of one side of the bag is slightly longer than the other just to bend as closed mode. They are perfect for those shopping that looking for an alternative to plastic bags because the prices are very competitive.

This bag is very handy to carry items such as gloves, scarves and accessories in general, stationery, brochures and promotional gifts, drawings, watercolors, photographs etc. Also you can use a wrapping paper mode to optimize time.

You can also customize the bags with your logo to give them character and spread your brand. You only need to follow a simple process in our web site, cliking in the customization box and continue with a very simple process by which you will upload your design in the web. We will screen print in high quality your paper bags on one side or both sides.

Bolsalea have a commitment to environmental sustainability, so the paper has PEFC and FSC certifications, in addition to this we using water-based inks, alcohol free and non-polluting materials.

This is a 100% Spanish product. Both, the raw material and the manufacturing process are national because we are confident in the quality of our own process.


  • Laura Cobo Gordo31/08/2015
  • Gemma Fernández12/11/2015
    Correcta calidad-precio
  • La domadora y el leon S.L.18/07/2016
    El refuerzo de las asas es una idea genial
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