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Die Cut Handle Bags 41x42x10

Reference: 00710

Dimensions: 41 cm wide x 42 cm high x 10 cm side

Material: Paper 70g

Handles: cut


We can offer you these 70 grams paper bags that you will also have to choice of a wide range of 7 colors, just to your trade always guesses right.

You can offer a gift to your faithful buyers with these fantastic packagings, give them at some event to promote your brand , or just like a packaging for products in your regular purchases, they have stamped with "Made in Spain".

We will show you, so these die-cut handles bags with reinforced cardboard to fit any kind of store and meet any requirements from customers. They measure: 41 cm wide, 42 cm high and 10 cm side gusset, all this capacity is at your disposal, if you also want to turn them into gift wrapping. You have only to fold the top of the bag to close the longest side. Thus you will save time and money.

They are ecofriendly bags because both, the source of their raw material (endorsed by PEFC and FSC seals) as the water-based inks that we use to screen print, are environmentally compatible, if you decide customized.

We can print your logo with a great finish, it will be visible for all those who have a contact with your clients. And they will use them in their daily lives, for example to wrap a gift for someone else. So if you want that your company grows, you only have to purchase these bags on our website, from 250 units.


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