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Decorated Bags 18x23x8

Reference: 00659

Dimensions: 18 cm wide x 23 cm high x 8 cm bellows

Material: 100g Paper

Handles: Paper curly black


These decorated bags are the smallest that a group of three paper bags in our catalog customized with floral pattern. They measure: 18 cm wide, 23 cm high, and have 8 cm side bellows with 100 grams of weight.

Their handles are also made in paper, curly paper, and the same black color as the flowers drawn. You can buy them from 300 units and you can sure that these bags are environmentally friendly material, so you could have the ability to customize them more.

We give you the option to print on them your logo or design that you choose, using high quality screen printing. With this process, we get a print layout (photolithography) with which you will save money for future orders (you have not to pay again), and it is also unique and non-transferable for your brand. This customization will increase the visibility of your business due to the power of this great reusable packaging.

They are elegant and successful paper bags because they combine two neutral colors: white and black. They have a stunning pattern of decorative design, which makes them even more specials.


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