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Decorated Bags 32x27x13

Reference: 00660

Dimensions: 32 cm wide x 27 cm high x 13 cm bellows

Material: 100g Paper

Handles: Paper curly black


We want to introduce to you this decorated medium sized paper bags with a wonderful flowers design. They measure: 32 cm wide, 27 cm high, with a 13 cm gusset side. The background is white and are framed by black flowers, matching with their curly handles.

They are produced from 100 grams recycled paper, which gives them a perfect resistance for the safe transport of your products.

They are an ideal packaging for clothing and household textiles, shoes and also as gift wrap packaging. Their great reusability makes them ideal for your costumers when want to give a present to someone you care about, and without extra cost.

You can also buy this nice package through any of our communication channels (email, web, WhatsApp ...), from 200 units.

We would like adapting to your needs, so we encourage you to send us your design or logo that characterizes your business in the market and we would print it on these bags.

We do a high quality screen printing with water-based inks. This sustainability is also present through ecological paper that which are made. Custom bags are unique and give more visibility to your brand.


Irene Gonçalves Andrade

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