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Kraft Flat Handle Paper Bag

Reference: 00944

Dimensions: 20 cm wide x 28 cm high x 11 cm bellows

Material: 80 g Paper

Handle: flat kraft paper handle 


We have these kraft flat handle bags, they are very economical and very useful. They are small-medium size and measures: 20 cm wide x 28 cm long. They have 11 cm bellows which increases their ability to carry: summer shirts, scarves, pants, blouses in amongs others. They are being made from kraft 80 grams laid paper that fit with your business whatever it may be.

Their flat handles are bent inward, these is a competitive advantage in storage because they use less space.

These bags, like all Bolsalea catalog products, are sustainable. They have the ecological FSC certification PEFC, which supporting their respectful origin bacause the raw material using in their manufacturing come from forests controlled logging. They are a biodegradable and highly reusable product. Therefore, we recommend you print on them your logo in a way which you get profit about this magnificent mass communication tool. We can screen print your logo in high quality with a unique and excellent finish.

You can send us your ideas or ask any questions and we will be delighted to answer you by any of our communication channels (email, phone, web chat, WhatsApp ...).

You can buy this versatile packaging in boxes with 250 units.  They are very affordable bags, designed for any budget.


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