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Flat Handle Kraft Paper Bag 40x45x15

Reference: 00925

Dimensions: 40 cm wide x 45 cm high x 15 cm bellows

Material: 110 g kraft laid paper

Handle: flat paper 


You have been long time looking for them, you had asked us several times and finally ... They're here! We introduce to you the new flat handle XXL kraft paper bags. A new packaging for those who think big and need specific solutions.

These package, of almost half a meter wide, give you more space, more breadth and strength that you need in a kind of package like this. Their exact measurements are: 40x45 cm, with 15 cm interior side gusset. They have a perfect ability to bring from large toys or small appliances and coats, they are made of 110 grams kraft laid paper.

It is very easy to store these bags due to their flat handles are bent inwardly, take them up much less space. Surely, at any moment one of your customers asks you for a larger bag so please be more proactive and buy a batch of them.  We will apply a discount on your order whem you buy from two boxes, which increases according to quantity.

Another advantage with these bags is that you can print your logo on them, it works perfectly as advertising of your trade. Our more entrepreneurs customers are using them as advertise for their consumers, show their brand beyond the store. Please, imagine the amount of possibilities customizations that this tool offer you!

To do this you only have to select the option at the top of the menu, when you place your order, follow the steps and choose the image that you need. Before screen printing your project, our design department will send you the model for your confirmation, and if you have any special idea is as simple as contact us and request a quote. We will solve your questions "in the twinkling of an eye".

Of course, like all our products, these large flat handle kraft paper bags are also environmentally friendly. If your store has an ecological philosophy don´t doubt and make that your packaging because it is also biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable.  Bolsalea contribute to the protection of forests and controlled logging, due to our products have PEFC and FSC seals. Your customers going to keep this in mind.

You can place your order at the top of the page, easily and with your own account.  Ah! And don´t forget that these paper bags are made in Spain.


Montserrat Calaf Alujas

Color de bolsa que nos agrado mucjo.