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Kraft Flat Handle Bag 26x35x12

Reference: 00912

Dimensions: 26 cm wide x 35 cm high x 12 cm bellows

Material: 90 g laid paper

Handle: flat kraft paper handle 


Yes, these bags are super demamded, especially by businesses, because their handles folding inward helping your optimal storage. This is wonderful, isn't it?

Sweaters, skirts, pants; handicrafts; children's books or those toys that brighten your children´s buyers. These items, and many others, fit in our kraft flat handle paper bag in medium-large size. They measure 26 cm wide x 35 cm long, and have greater capacity due to 12 cm gusset.

This kind of laid kraft bag are associated with resistance, environmentalism and versatility by customers; and they were right. They have 90 grams of weight and they are reinforced with flat handles that secure the easy transport of your goods. Their natural appearance coincides with sustainable and biodegradable source of raw material: they come from forests controlled logging, endorsed by the PEFC and FSC seals.

They are very reusable so your consumers can use at any time in their daily lives. You must take advantage of this thing to increase the visibility of your brand. How? Personalizing. We will print your logo or specific design in high quality screen printing, in one side or two. We offer you an excellent finish in "white on black" print process that distinguishes us from other companies.

The commercialized in boxes of 250 units with this sophisticated touch that brings the laid paper. An elegant nuance that is given by their flat handles, less common among paper bags.


Montserrat Calaf Alujas

Buen producto que sustituye al plastico del que nos deberiamos de olvidar por lo que contamina