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Kraft paper bag 22x23x9

Reference: 00208

Dimensions: 22 cm wide x 23 cm high x 9 cm bellows

Material: 100g kraft paper

Handles: curly kraft paper


The  laid kraft paper bags are the most valued by customers. They inspire strength and simplicity. Which we describe here have a thickness of 100 grams and curly handles the same material. Both features contribute to the safe transport of your purchases.

The cardboard tone brings a natural touch that helps to transmit sustainable values. Not surprisingly, it is made of recyclable material that is certificated by PEFC, the official stamp for the origin friendly forests.

They are very commonly used and consumers are accustomed to them. They also are known as "cardboard bags". Measuring 22 cm wide x 23 cm high and 9 cm bellows. These bags are almost square and its small size make them different. It's the feeling of exclusivity that will delight your customers.

Many businesses are using this packaging to bring their clients a total experience. Belts, scarves, scarves small, glasses, small soaps, small acessorice or sustainable businesses, and countless small size products fit into them. They are very cute bags with a high quality too.

They also provide a variety of benefits to your business: they are easily transport, very reusable and one a perfect communication medium for your brand. Being easy handle, your consumers will use them many times, even when they want to give a gift with a unusual wrapped.

They have a long life, which will increase the potencial impact of your marketing campaing if you decide cutomized, the process is very simple. You just have to join your design when you are placed your order.

For serigraphy you can choose any color and we make high quality paintings with a flawless finish. To do this, we use water-based inks, free of toxic agents or chemical contamination.

Remember, this bags are made in Spain.

Do not think twice: You have a top quality packaging to your reach.



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