Kraft paper bag 24x21x8

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Dimensions: 24 cm wide x 21 cm high x 8 cm bellows

Material: kraft laid paper 100 grams

Handles: curly colored kraft paper


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We can produce these kraft paper bags in series beginning with 250 units per batch.   They measure: 24 cm wide x 21 cm high and 8 cm bellows.   In others words, we are talking about medium size bags, with this average size you can carrying your bulky products safely because they are manufactured from 100 grams raw materials.

 It is a package with which you can enhancing your philosophy of sustainability, and not only because of their appearance, this bags are respectful of the environment, and they are endorsed by the FSC and PFC certifications, and we do customization with water-based inks, free of toxicity, added value to your brand.

 This is an original packaging if you compare with others bags in the market. And it is because of their horizontal desing, usually associated with exclusive shops. It will be another value that you will offer to your clients, who had internalized this equivalence.

 Furthermore, wrapping kraft paper is associated with reliability. They are very hardy bags, thanks to theirs handles curled paper, and they support well well the weight of medium-sized items like: pharmacy, beauty, accessories, handicrafts, foodstuffs, fashion, etc. They are some of the many examples that will be transported safely.

 You can buy them from a few units, we can adapt to your business size. They are made in laid kraft color, that gives them higher profile.   They have a strong capacity to reuse, so your customers can use them in multiple opportunities. Therefore, we encourage you to give them your personal touch with a serigraphy work on your bags with your logo . You can send us your design, during the purchase process, and choose the tone that you want to. They are sustainably because we use water-based inks.

 Our kraft paper bags are made in Spain. That is another quality that we promote: bet on the Spanish industry.


  • FSC
  • PEFC
  • Reciclable
  • Reutilizable
  • Made in Spain
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