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Kraft paper bags 28x33x12

Reference: 00078

Dimensions: 28 cm wide x 33 cm high x 12 cm bellows

Material: 100g kraft paper

Handle: Curly Colored Paper


In Bolsalea we can offer you these kraft paper bags in different colors. The ecological paper used for manufacturing these bags is strong because it is 100 grams of weigth. They are perfect for any kind of medium size products that you can transport as textile accessories, fairs gifts and congresses and many others.

Raw materials and the total production process are 100% from Spain.

Please keep in mind that you can personalize these bags selecting the product and the box for customization.  We can print your logo in high quality, with one or two colors on both sides of the bags.  We use water ink so we can offer bags ecological friendly, so they can reduce the pollution. In addition, we use paper that had obtained the PEFC and FSC certifications guarantee; therefore, our customers can be sure about our commitment to sustainable exploitation, for every tree felled , it plant other four trees.

In Bolsalea we can offer you this product with a very competitive price thanks to mechanized production.   It is due to their characteristics that it is possible produce a variation about 15% of total production when the order is 3000 units or more. If the number of units produced is less than the contracted, Bolsalea would pay the corresponding amount to your customer; and if the number of units is higher the customer would pay the difference to Bolsalea.