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Kraft paper bags 24x31x12

Reference: 00068

Dimensions: 24 cm wide x 31 cm high x 12 cm bellows

Material: 100g kraft paper

Handle: Curly Colored Paper


These ecological paper bag with measure: 24 cm wide x 31 cm high, and 12 cm bellows for storage greater.   Its size makes it practical for all kinds of businesses, inspired passions  and admiration in hairdressing salons and beauty shops.

 These bags are made of kraft paper in different colors.

This is an ecological material which consumers are accustomed to and receiving very well. This packaging contributes to make your shopping experience unique.

For you to get and unsurpassable experience in your business, we encourage you to customize your bags.  The serigraphy of your logo or your desing on your bags will be perfect and with an outstanding quality.

 Your brand will gain much visibility when customers reuse this paper bag in their daily lives. This is possible by paper strength, 100g weight. Curly handles helps to give them a long life. These bags are totally recyclable and endorsed by PEFC and FSC official seals packaging (it ensure respectful origin of the raw material). And this kind of thing added value to your business without an excessive cost.

Our market prices are affordable for both to customized bags and free delivery to destinations inside peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

Additionally, our cost are very low and you can check them in our web, chat, email, WhatsApp ...

We promote our support to the Spanish industry through this bag. It is manufactured entirely in Spain, a guarantee of high quality to your clients.  It is an opportunity to know the requirements of your customers and their business.


Antonio Campos Cid

Conforme a lo esperado, buena calidad

NOUPRINT Maria Valverde

Impresión perfecta!!

Antonio Campos Cid

Vienen varias bolsas sin pegar bien por debajo y se abren