Kraft paper bags 46x49x16

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Dimensions: 46 cm wide x 49 cm long x 16 cm bellows

Material: 100g kraft paper

Handle: Curly Colored Paper


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These large bags kraft paper bags in different colors will cover your needs. This would results in a satisfying shopping experience for your customers and clients, because they are a robust packaging, moreover having large capacity.

They measure: 46 cm wide and 49 cm high.  They have 16 cm bellows, so it allow an easier transport of bulky products such as jackets, paintings, dolls, cushions, etc.

Despite their size, they have a comfortable handle bags. This is because their curly handles are the same material and  matching the color of the total packaging. These bags are made in laid kraft paper, a very tough material  with a 100 grams of weight, which make them a distinguished touche. This effect is given by the fine vertical grooves (laid paper).

We offer you these bags in different colors just you can be able to choose the most appropriate bag to your business or the message you want to convey. We remind you that the psychology of color greatly influences the purchase decision. It will do both, the tonality of the bag and your logo, if you decide to custom them.

We got excellent results through high quality screen printing. In this process we need to manufacture a photolithography, a kind of "sketch" with your design, which will serve ahead of successive orders. So you will not have to pay again for it. In addition this is an investment because you will gain enormous visibility with customization . It is important to have in mind that they are very reusable bags, which will be usufull to show your brand on many occasions.

We will always show you the final desing on your bag before printing, so that you are compliant. Your satisfaction is part of our commitment.

We do all our printing work with water-based inks, these inks are as sustainable than paper and environmentally friendly, recyclable and endorsed by the PEFC and FSC seals. These ensure that the raw material comes from forests controlled logging. To all these added values we can attach the warranty that these wrappings are made in Spain.

We always reply very quickly all your doubt through our channels. 


  • FSC
  • PEFC
  • Reciclable
  • Reutilizable
  • Made in Spain
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