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Gloss Laminated Bags 32x40x13

Reference: 00539

Dimensions: 32 cm wide x 40 cm high x 13 cm bellows + 6 cm double in mouth

Material: Coated Paper 130 grams

Handles: Cotton Cord


These luxury paper bags are medium size and mesuare: 32 cm wide, 40 cm high and have 13 cm of side gusset, which gives them a greater capacity. They are highly resistant due to their 130 grams of basis weight (basis weight refers to the thickness of the paper used to construct the bag) and cord handles, which means they are very durable and you will save because you don't have to renew them every bit.

They are made by glossy coated paper, this is paper with glitter that brings elegance and style to businesses that use them. You can buy them from 150 units in white or black, colors that could blend perfectly with the tones that you can choose to screen print, if you want to do so. Their measure will increase your visibility because your customer will reusing them and they will be delighted to share with everyone to such a beautiful product.

With the seal of quality that give you by Bolsalea products, you can sure that they are environmentally-friendly, both for their raw material and the materials used for printing (water-based inks).


Romain Hermida

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