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Gloss Laminated Bags 38x31x13

Reference: 00540

Dimensions: 38 cm wide x 31 cm high x 13 cm bellows + 6 cm double in mouth

Material: Coated Paper 140 grams

Handles: Cotton Cord


These bags have the following dimensions: 38 cm wide, 31 cm high and 13 cm bellows, these are very resistant coated paper bags. They have to be because their medium-large size, and due to their 140 grams of basis weight and their cord handles. You can give sophistication and style to your store with this package that you can buy from 150 units and in three diferent colors. Their laminated gloss finish contributes with give to your customers a special shopping experiences, so they would want to share with others in their daily lives. That's the power of the bags, powerful communication tool to any potential customers.

You can customize these economic bags in order to associate your brand entirely with elegance and beauty, . We will print on them your logo, in an affordable and sustainable manner. First of all, we will made a print layout with your design so you would save that cost in future orders. They are also economical because they have a very long life due to their resistance.

These luxury bags are ecological and sustainable because they are made of a kind of biodegradable material and water-based inks (without alcohol) for their screen printing.


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