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Gloss Laminated Bag 42x37x13

Reference: 00541

Dimensions: 42 cm wide x 37 cm high x 13 cm bellows + 6 cm double in mouth

Material: Coated Paper 140 grams

Handles: Cotton Cord


You can purchase these luxury bags from 100 units. Made with coated paper, or in others words, plasticized with glitter. They are large in size: 42 cm wide, 37 cm high and 13 cm bellows, which add to the type of material and their 140 grams make them a very resistant package. Their handles are made with cord, matching the color of the bag (white, blue or black).

They are ideal for any business that wants to differentiate from the rest of products from market with an elegant and apparently expensive package. Although, they are very economical as they have a long life.

We will customize if you wish so, with high quality screen printing. You only need to send us your desing and we will print on them, one face or two faces on your paper bags. Remember that we use ecofriendly water-based inks . Also their raw material is sustainable due to the biodegradable paper.


Gema Mediavilla Medina

Producto perfecto para mi boutique de niños