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Laid Luxury Bags 22x27x10

Reference: 00525

Dimensions: 22 cm wide x 27 cm high x 10 cm bellows + 5cm back in mouth

Material: 120g laid paper in Havana and 170 grams in black

Handles: Cotton Cord


They bring sophistication and beauty to your brand. These luxury bags are very resistant due to their laid paper, small grooves that also gives them an elegant touch.

Havana color bags have 120 grams of basis weight (refers to the thickness of the paper used to construct the bag) and the black one 170 grams. This high strength makes them very durable due to theirs handles are made by cords, which you will save future expenses.

With 22 cm wide, 27 cm high and 10 cm bellows, your brand will have an unprecedent presentation card. Your customers will be excited about their appearance and small size, which will make they reuse them on important occasions.

The shopping experience would well extends outside your shop and after the sale process. And if you customized this packaging with your logo, your brand would increase your visibility, and therefore your potential customers.

The manufacture and silkscreen process are sustainably. You will have the guarantee to be buying an eco friendly product.


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