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Shopping Bag 30x25x10+1

Reference: 00862

Dimensions: 30 cm wide x 25 cm high x 10 cm base + 1 cm back in mouth

Material: ecological paper 70 grams

Handles: twisted paper


The shopping bags have become popular in recent years because they are the perfect choice to provide an economic package with the same levels of quality and the comfort you want in your business. They are made of 70 grams paper and have the following dimensions: 30 cm wide, 25 cm high and 10 cm at the base. In addition to this, and to increase their strength, they have 1 cm back in mouth at the top, in other words, a small fold in the top of the bag which makes them more aesthetic and firm.

If you have a fashion store or supplements, these shopping bags are ideal for sales season or large rebates because they maintaining quality and the price is cheaper by not having lateral bellows. We can make them in two colors: black and havana, and as always, if you wish you print the logo or brand of your business, we can do it in high-quality screen printing and using water based inks (no alcohol). A very nice choice to promote your products and involve to your customers into your best advertising campaign.

These packaging have twisted handles, also called curly, which increases their durability. Being so strong and comfortable to use is easier to think that your customers want to preserve them and reuse, which, if they are customized, would be a great way that they remember you and will bring longer with them.

We have a strict environmental protection policy, consequently, we make sure to use paper with FSC certification, which promotes the sustainable management of the forest and biodegradable materials. So you can give added value also to your store or business, offering recyclable shopping bags that show your eco-friendly commitment.


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