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Shopping Bag 36x27x10+1

Reference: 00863

Dimensions: 36 cm wide x 27 cm high x 10 cm base + 1 cm back in mouth

Material: ecological paper 80 grams

Handles: twisted paper


In sale season or any business promotion events is easy to increase the volume of bags that you going to deliver to your customers, so it is important to have enough. So you can optimize your operating expenses intended for packaging, Bolsalea can offer you this group of bags suitable for sales season and rebates.

These economic bags are made with 80 grams paper and have the following dimensions: 36 cm wide, 27 cm high and 10 cm at the base. In order to reinforce their structure has added a small fold, called "back in mouth," about one centimeter at the top, and they have braided handles, which increases their strength if we want to carry heavier objects comfortably without fear to any accident would happen.

Many stores choose these kind of packaging when they know in advance that they will have a strong sales period and they will need to deliver more bags than usual period, but they do not want to increase the spending on such items. The solution is to choose this option, shopping bag without bellows on the lateral sides, which makes it cheaper but it remain a quality product for your bussines.

You can buy them in many colors: havana (neutral tone of plain kraft paper), white, black, fuchsia and red.  You can customize your bags with your business logo to give added value to your customers and they can advertise your brand wherever they go. We can screen print in high quality and with water-based inks, alcohol free, and we use recycled paper with FSC certified organic, which promotes sustainable forest management and biodegradable materials.

All orders must be from 250 units.


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