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Paper bags 32x41x12 100 gr Dark Blue

Referencia: 00755

Dimensions: 32 cm wide x 41 cm high x 12 cm bellows

Material: 100 grams paper

Handle: Curly Colored Paper

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These bags are vertical, multi-purpose, reusable, these are fundamental characteristics of this type of wrapping paper, made of 100 grams of weight, curly handles and their size: 32 cm wide x 41 cm high x 12 cm bellows.

11 colors that you can combine with others, if you add them to bags messages. Customizing the package is a powerful tool to promote your brand and you can do it in a simple way. How? Just you have to send your design or logo to us and we will print in high-quality silkscreen, one-sided or two.

In a few days you will have your bags in your location or any place that you tell us, if you have an online store. That you do not sell face to face doesn't mean you may not have to take care of your product presentation, for this reason the package is mandatory and very important.

These paper bags have the seal of quality: made in Spain, and we give you the assurance that in their manufacture have used sustainable materials. The paper is endorsed by the PEFC and FSC certifications and inks are water-free alcohol.

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  • [5 ★]   
    rapido y muy eficiente
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    El color es un poquito más oscuro al que se muestra en la página web.