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Paper bags 24x21x8 120 gr Brown

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Dimensions: 24 cm wide x 21 cm high x 8 cm bellows

Material: 120g Paper

Handle: Curly Colored Paper

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We can offer you these 120 grams paper bags from 250 units onwards. Both characteristics, the weight and paper curly handles, make them a strong packaging, ideal for any sale or any ideas that you may have for any promotional event.

They measure: 24 cm wide x 21 cm high and a 8 cm bellows. You can choose from 11 different colors , white, black or brown like classic colors or fuchsia or red like flashy ... all these variety aloud you the spread of your brand because your consumers can reused in their daily lives.

You should take advantage of this condition and print them with your logo, to win potential customers. In Bolsalea we can screen print your paper bags with a high quality finish, in one face or two.

This small paper bag bears the stamp of quality products: Made in Spain, and they have certification that were used materials respectful of our environment. The paper is endorsed by the PEFC and FSC certified, and inks are water and environmentally friendly. 

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    Perfecto y gran calidad
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    Muy bueno, me gustaría que que fuera posible comprar las bolsas grandes en cantidades más pequeñas, no compre las grandes porque 200 bolsas para mí tipo de negocio son muchas, y me gusta cambiar de color según la temporada.
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    facil de comprar servicio rapido
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    Todo correcto como siempre