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Paper bags 54x45x13 120 gr

Referencia: 00054

Dimensions: 54 cm wide x 45 cm high x 13 cm bellows

Material: 120g Paper

Handle: Curly Colored Paper

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This product belongs to the category of super big bags that we put at your disposal. They are 54 cm wide x 45 cm high, with a 13 cm gusset. This size will allow your consumers to transport large volume products such as coats, decorative products, toys. Even this size is perfect for transporting boxes of musket boots. We know that this kind of goods can be a nuisance because of their large packaging; with these bags that's over.

Their weight of 120 grams and their twisted handles hold perfectly bulky packages, so the shopping experience you offer will be totally efficient. Made in Spain is a testimony to this because quality is what characterizes the articles made in Spain. They are wrappers that transmit the value of sustainability and respect for our planet. This is guaranteed by the official PEFC certificate that places the origin of the paper in forests of controlled felling.

Care is part of Bolsalea's DNA and we also show it in the personalization of your packaging. You have a wide range of colors with which to decorate your bags, from soft ecru and pink to bright green or fuchsia. Once you have chosen the tone, we can print on it your identifying seal in the range you want. This can be your corporate identity (most common) or a special event in which your store participates. The silk-screen printing will be of high quality, with water-based inks and with care. 

The visibility that your store will gain with the customized bags is very remarkable. As they are reusable packaging (in addition to being recyclable), your brand name will be seen on many occasions. In an economic and simple way, you will have at your disposal a powerful means to communicate with potential customers. 

The order of bags for boxes of boots will arrive, if they are smooth, within 24 to 72 hours; between 7 and 10 days (working days), if they are silk-screened.

If you have any doubts, we will be happy to help you through any of our communication channels. You can ask us any question and ask us for an estimate without obligation, which we will have in less than an hour. 

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    Teníamos dudas, pero al final nos decidimos a probar por el color crudo y la verdad es que ha sido un acierto. Lo siguiente será colocar el logo.
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    Están genial, para pequeños detalles