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Colored Flat Handle Bag 32x41x12 Pistachio Green

Referencia: 00931

Dimensions: 32 cm wide x 41 cm high x 12 cm bellows

Material: 90 g ecological paper

Handle: flat colored paper 

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These bags are so attractive that your customers will not want to let them go. Their measures are: 32 cm wide x 41 cm high, with a 12 cm bellows. This size doesn´t  make them precisely small, but with our variety of colors will be even more striking.

Can you imagine your logo printed on these 90 grams packaging?. You don´t need to use much imagination because it is something at your reach. You just send us the design and we will screen print on your bags. As simple as that. You can print your logo in one face or two, using sustainable inks.

You would have your own exclusive packaging, that no other store has to. Furthermore, with very little investment you will succeed very powerful communication tool. These bags are reusable, so your brand will reach many potential customers. They also will be a very good option in events or fairs in which you will participate.

Our printing is high level and very accurate. We will keep your print layout the first time that we make your paper bags, if in the future you want to repeat it so you must no pay again. Our priority is your satisfaction, therefore before to manufacture your order we will make and send you a test design in order to have your positive point of view. There you can correct any detail that doesn´t convince you.

We want to please you so we offer a totally affordable prices. These bags are a good example by being made automatically. In addition, a greater number of units per order, lower are the cost.   They are very functional and useful bags: firms clothing, children, stationery, gift shops, travel agencies, organizations and institutions, language schools, etc.

They have flat handles that give a touch of originality. They being bent inwards and this allows take them up less storage space. Another added value for a long life package, especially if you want to apply Do It Yourself ideas. With your bag is your business represented, and can be as creative as you want.

These wrappers are synonymous to quality, being manufactured in Spain. They are recyclable and biodegradable. They have PEFC and FSC seals, which guarantee the origin sustainable of the paper. We have all our communication channels available to offer you the better service. Even so we can answer all your questions or ideas on packaging.

We will offer you facilities also in terms of returns, you can check on our website, and ensuring that you have a secure payment. All to give you the best packaging solution that you need.

Don´t let pass the opportunity to offer your consumers a wrapper that they will love.

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