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Colorful Flat Handle Bag 40x45x15 Pistachio Green

Referencia: 00930

Dimensions: 40 cm wide x 45 cm high x 15 cm bellows

Material: 110 g kraft laid paper

Handle: flat paper 

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These large flat handle bags have 110 grams of weigth and they are high resistance. Your consumers want, first and foremost, reliability. This packaging guarantees that your products arrive in perfect conditions to their destination. Their laid kraft paper and their flat handle helping them to get this object. And this is not easy because of their size: 40 cm wide x 45 cm high, 15 cm bellows.

These bags have perfect dimensions for large items: shoes, toys, big knit clothing, big scarves, technology, great photography books, ... all these objects are comfortable to carry due to their flattened handles that fold inside, so the bag is not even higher.

We are committed to support to entrepreneurship and small business. These help to move the local economy and bring life ans activity to the neighborhoods. Therefore, we try to give you all facilities to meet your packaging needs. You can customize your bags, if you wish so.

We encourage you to do so because the expense is small compare with the great benefits. First of all, consumers always appreciate a bag with a printed motif. The probability that your customer living as excellent their shopping experience is increasing with a nice package. Your business will be advertising with each single use of these bag purchase, because they are reusable.

You can send us the design that you want to print on your bag and you will have exactly what do you want to. On one side or two side and very high resolution. To be sure, before the customize process begin, we will send you a model and you will be able to tweak it as often as necessary and you can choose the colors in which the printed design will go on and, of course, also the color of the bag. Orange, white, black, pistachio, silver and red that will fill full of life your packaging.

You can purchase these bags from small quantities and great price, because they are the result of automatic production. We remind you that the purchase will be cheaper, in order more units you will buy in your order.

The acquisition process is very simple and fast through our website. For any questions you can contact us by chat, email, phone, sending an WhatsApp ...

We have a wide range of way of payment. Whether using the card number, bank transfer or PayPal. In either case, your data will remain protected through, for example, its encryption. If you want more information, we invite you to take a look at the security section of our website.

They are recyclable and biodegradable packaging. The ecological paper source is secured by the PEFC and FSC certifications. These are synonymous of sustainable forests, where four trees are planted by any single tree is used.

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