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Heat-sealed fabric bag 38X40X10

Referencia: 02656

Measurements: 38 cm wide x 40 cm high x 10 cm gusset

Material: 100 grams thick non-woven fabric

Handle: Short, 40 cm

Made in Spain

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We don't want to tell you stories of fiction and fantasy, but if we want to tell you that these bags have their magic. You don't believe us, we'll explain why. You can carry the most varied amount of products in them, they are resistant and at the same time elegant, they have a functional but modern design. Excellent finishes and a more than reasonable price. A very curious combination of features that do work. Our fabric bags have the power to reach everywhere, because those who use them reuse them as they can be used more than a hundred times.

With its measures of 38 cm wide, 40 cm high and its 10 cm double bellows make this packaging a very good option to choose when the products to be transported have different shapes, or you think of them as the ideal wrapping to deliver office supplies, books or medium/large size boxes. In fairs it is a stellar product, as well as in conferences and congresses, where attendees require a package containing brochures or printed material. In Christmas campaigns, or other dates of high commercial demand, they serve very well as gift wrapping, the perfect detail that will bring illusion to the content no matter what it is.

They are designed in non-woven fabric, a material that is very resistant to wear and tear, allowing them to be reused repeatedly. Their small pores provide a suitable environment for a very wide variety of products, from food to warm clothing and fur. They also have useful and resistant double handles, which allow for comfortable transport of the bag and its contents. They are heat-sealed, i.e. they are "sewn" together through the heat. This, together with the 100 gr. thickness of the fabric, guarantees its resistance.



As if all this were not enough, you can choose from one of its nine colours, a very wide range of tones, from the most vibrant and luminous to the always traditional blue-grey and black. All of them excellent options to serve as a canvas for your personalization. And here, we also offer you our years of experience in high quality screen printing, to make the idea you have in mind a reality. We put at your disposal all the conditions for your satisfaction. You only have to choose the customization option, adding your logo or design in the purchase process. We will send you a previous design on which you can make all the modifications you think are necessary before sending it to the print shop. We will not print until you are fully satisfied with the layout to be printed.

We want your satisfaction to be total, so we offer you an ecologically friendly product because of its reusability. We also use biodegradable inks, i.e. water-based, in the screen printing process, which produces a product that is entirely environmentally friendly, and is also completely manufactured in Spain, a feature that your customers will receive very positively.

Another good news is that you can buy them from a few units, a box with only 150 units. We offer you a discount, if you decide to buy larger quantities, which will be proportional to the volume of purchase. The more you buy the cheaper it will be.



And we send them to you free of charge if you are on the peninsula. You will receive them within 2 to 3 working days. If you decide to personalize it, then you will have it within 7 to 10 working days.

The magic of good packaging can work wonders in your business. If you are not convinced, contact us and we will put all our secrets of the packaging world at your disposal.

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