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Cloth bags cord handle 40x40x12 Black

Referencia: 02008

Dimensions: 40 cm wide x 40 cm high x 12 cm bellows

Material: TST fabric (non-woven) 100 grams

Handles: Cotton Cord

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These stylish fabric bags are ideal for photo studios, boutiques, jewelry stores, as well as cosmetic and even gourmet product packaging. This versatility is due to the elegance that they have and that they combine with the reliability that they transmit. 

They measure 40 cm wide x 40 cm high, have 12 cm of bellows and cord handles that give an elegant touch to the wrapping, besides helping the consumer to carry his purchase more comfortably. In this facilitating task, this packaging has two cardboard reinforcements, both at the base to improve the stability of the products, and at the mouth of the bag, where it is lined in the same colour.

The material is Non-Woven Fabric (TST) of 100 grams thickness that has some small pores and is a recyclable material. These help the items inside it to breathe, so at Bolsalea we also take care of the products your customers buy, in addition to the packaging. 

If you decide to personalize these bags, our high quality silk screen printing process will perfectly cover each pore with ink. You must first choose the colour of the bag, from the 7 we offer, and then the tone in which your logo will be printed. We do this meticulously and with water-based inks that last.

They are wrappers with a great power of reuse in the daily life of consumers, so they are a fabulous way to give popularity to your brand. It's a very economical way, too, because you can get them at a very affordable price and from a small quantity, from 500 units. If you add to that the long life of this type of bag, it will be more than an investment for your business. 

If you are looking for this type of bag but with other measures, you can ask us for an estimate through any of our communication channels and you will have it in less than an hour. To give you more economic facilities, we send you your purchase for free, if your store is in the Peninsula, either in Spain or Portugal. 

You will receive the bags in a period of 30 to 40 days.

With this packaging you will be offering an important added value to your customers, while you will be part of the commitment to the sustainability of the planet as they are recyclable bags. 

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