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Woven bags 50x45x10

Reference: 02801

Measurements: 50 cm wide x 45 cm high x 10 cm gusset on base

Material: 80 grams TST (non-woven fabric)

Handle: Die

Manufacture: Spain

Transport: Free peninsula


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How big are your dreams? If you had to keep them in a bag, they might look like this. With an extra large size, considering 50 centimeters wide x 45 cm high and 10 cm of bellows. It's possible to fit quite a few of your aspirations in here. Let's explain how we designed it and the features it has.

The material of these bags is called non-woven. You've probably read it before under the acronym TST. It means that the synthetic fibers that make it up have not been sewn and therefore cannot be unsewn. It is a safe option for making such large objects because you do not run the risk of the fabric tearing with the excessive weight. It is difficult to break, since apart from being very flexible, the shape of its framework allows it to support a lot of resistance.

If you prefer us to assure you with technical data, the weight of this TST has a thickness equivalent to 80 grams per m2. That means that it easily supports 12 kilos at least. As it has a die-cut handle, it is quite comfortable to handle. Because considering how much you could fill this bag, it is very practical to pull a soft handle. This way you won't hurt your hands. It's more comfortable to go a long distance with the bags on top.

This model is made with a thermosealed finish. This means that we glue the two rectangles that make up the bag by applying a certain amount of heat, which does not burn the fabric but manages to melt it enough to bring the two pieces together. It is very complicated to break this union because there is no way to unseal it.

We like it to be landscape because normally TST bags are vertical. For example, when you want to personalize the packaging with your logo, it stands out much better in such a wide extension. We print up to 6 different colors from 400 units. When you only need to print with 1 or 2 different Pantone, you can buy a single box.

Of course, at all times we use water-based formulated inks. They are ecological because they are environmentally friendly. Which one would you like to use over the variety of colours we offer? In total, there are up to 14 fabric shades to choose from. Combine them in your own way and add character to your brand with a daring design.

As this is a larger size than the usual length, it is sold in packs of 200 units so that you don't have to buy many at once. If you also want to order a large quantity to be used quickly, keep in mind that prices will be reduced as you add boxes to the basket.

This bag has been made entirely in Spain. You can trust that it has the quality seal of the Made in Spain brand. The production process is environmentally friendly. By making all shipments within Europe we achieve that the pollution generated by the means of transport is reduced.

Due to this, the delivery time is also reduced. We are talking about an estimate close to an interval between 24 and 72 hours. This is fulfilled every time you request anonymous bags. However, if you prefer to print a design we will have to wait around 7 to 10 working days for it to be ready.

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