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Fabric covers 30x40

Referencia: 05042

Dimensions: 30 cm wide x 40 cm long

Material: 100g TST

Closure: Lace

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These fabric covers are made from one of our star materials: non-woven fabric (TST). Also called PP Non Woven or unsewn fabric it provides a great resistance to wrapping and consumers like it, too, for its simplicity. It has small pores that make the products inside it breathe, so it can be perfectly preserved. And this is useful both for the purchases that your clients acquire and for the later uses that they are going to give them. 

Shoe shops will find in these cases a very useful packaging since their measures of 30 cm wide x 40 cm long make them ideal for storing shoes and boots, both inside the box and without it, for example, trips. Also the handbags firms, can find in this type of case their solution. In addition, they are a great product for your online sales shipments.

The leather is very well preserved inside, also because of the lace closure on the top, which is glued to the fabric. If you wish, we can put the lace in the same color of the case that can go in maroon, blue, green or black, at your choice. In Bolsalea we adapt to your needs and we can make these wrappers to your taste, with the measures and shades that fit the personality of your business. 

In this effort we give you the option of silk-screening your logo or a design that inspires you in the packaging. We do it by means of high quality silk-screen printing, a process that covers every pore of the fabric in a very durable way. In this way, you will take advantage of the long life of the cover to be more present to your clients, who will see the name of your company in every use. 

They are lightweight (100 grams) and respectful of the ecosystem as they are highly recyclable. We produce them in Spain and this is also a guarantee for the international market. You can acquire these covers from a minimum of 500 units and in a very affordable way, something that you will verify when we give you a budget. 

You will have between 30 and 40 working days to order these fabric shoe covers without paying any transport costs, if your company is within the Peninsula (Spain or Portugal). The wrappers with the Bolsalea stamp will conquer your customers and give a boost to your brand, without piercing your pocket. 

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