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Cut handle bags woven 16x22,5x5

Referencia: 02106

Dimensions: 16 cm wide x 22.5 cm high x 5 cm bellows base

Material: PP non woven 80 gram (nonwoven)

Handles: Cut

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In these cheap fabric bags you will find a perfect ally, if you are going to participate in fairs, events or conferences. They are ideal for transporting small brochures, as well as merchandising gifts, small craft products, etc. They are made with Non-Woven Fabric (PP Non Woven), weigh 80 grams and have die-cut handles. These make it easy to carry the wrapper and give it a very original touch. The base bellows (5 cm) is not common, which helps to differentiate this packaging.


You can choose the color you like the most from a range of 14 shades, which help define the identity of your business. In addition, we give you the option to personalize the bags, so that you can add other shades when we screen-print your logo. We do it on one side or both sides and with non-toxic inks. The print is of very high quality because we cover all the pores of the fabric, even when there are difficult contrasts such as white on the black background.


The Non-Woven Fabric is very resistant, in addition to being recyclable and reusable. In this way, your consumers will be able to use these bags again in any circumstance, which will give continuity to the shopping experience and visibility to your signature, when it is screen printed. Also, if they make use of it in a special moment, they will relate your brand to emotion. An even safer value.


The reliability of this packaging is confirmed by having been produced entirely in Spain. The Made in Spain seal is a guarantee of quality in the international market. A pride that you can show off to your buyers with orders from small quantities; the minimum is 200 units. We also remind you that the more wrappers, the cheaper each one comes out.


We adjust to the most limited budgets and we send you your order for cheap fabric bags within 24 to 72 hours, if they are smooth, and 7 to 10 days (working days), if the purchase is up to 3,000 screen-printed units. In the event that this amount is exceeded, you would receive this packaging between 30 and 40 days. Transportation is free within the Peninsula.

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