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Woven bags 30x40x10

Referencia: 02154

Dimensions: 30 cm wide x 40 cm high x 10 cm bellows based

Material: TST (non woven) 80 grams

Handles: Cut

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These TST and die handle bags have a distinguished look to match their utility. They weigh 80 grams and have an elongated disposition thanks to the 30 cm width x 40 cm height. They are simple, as well as resistant, and very comfortable due to their die-cut handle that allows the customer to transport their purchase in a very natural way. In addition, they incorporate a bellows at the base of 10 cm that gives them greater capacity.


Recyclable packaging made entirely in Spain, and that quality shows in the material and in regards to the production process. Non-Woven Fabric (TST) is a type of fabric that is breathable and preserves any item that it covers.


We offer you a wide variety of colors to print these fabric bags and, in addition, the possibility of customizing them, if you wish. At Bolsalea we do it in a way that permeates all the packaging pores well, on one or both sides. We screen print your design in the Pantone color you want and for this we use water-based inks that are sustainable and have a very long-lasting effect.


The eyes of passers-by who meet your clients or potential buyers who approach you at a fair will remain fixed on the design of these bags. Thanks to the customization of these reusable wrappers, your signature will be remembered and will grow.


These highly reusable PP Non Woven bags come in handy for events, trade shows, and congresses such as brochure wrappers and promotional gifts. They are also an ideal packaging for accessories and accessories, to give a different touch to small shops that sell decorative objects and for comic and illustration shops, to name a few of the many examples of their uses.


These fabric bags are very economical, even more as the order is greater. The minimum purchase is 400 units. If you buy less than 3,000, you will receive them within 24 to 72 hours, in the case of being smooth; 7 to 10 business days, if personalized. If the purchase is greater than 3,000 units and screen printed, you can have them between the following 30 and 40 days. Be that as it may, we will not charge you transportation, as long as your store is in the Peninsula (Spain or Portugal).

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