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Heat sealed cloth bags 42x40x10

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Dimensions: 42 cm wide x 40 cm high x 10 cm bellows with hexagonal base

Material: Fabric 80 grams TST (non-woven)

Handle: Long

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Trendy and dynamic. This is what our large heat-sealed cloth bags look like. They are 42 cm wide x 40 cm high, and have a 10 cm gusset on their hexagonal base. This type of base allows a higher capacity, very useful for transporting bulky products such as winter clothes (adult or child) and decorative objects, among other examples.

These wrappers weigh 80 grams, which gives them great consistency. Tape handles and the type of material they are made of also contribute to this. Non-woven fabric is very resistant and has small pores so that the material can breathe. It is very common to find packaging of this fabric in whose manufacture heat is used in the stages of sewing and gluing. This is called thermosealing and these hexagonal-based bags are an example. 

You can acquire them from a few units (200 onwards) at a very economic price. This is characteristic of automatically produced packaging. We remind you that the larger the order, the cheaper each unit will be. You have the option to buy the plain bags or to personalize them. In the second case, we print your corporate design in the color you want on one of the 13 new shades for the background that we offer. 

The silk-screen printing is a careful process with which we achieve that all the pores of the fabric are covered by the chosen shades. And we do it using toxic-free inks, whose base is water.

We also develop this commitment to sustainability by choosing recyclable materials such as non-woven fabrics. The great capacity of reuse of all the bags, and especially those with long handles, makes them a great way to give visibility to your brand. Your customers will use them assiduously in their daily lives because they have a trendy and dynamic character, which coincides with today's lifestyle.

If you want to offer a useful and fashionable packaging, these bags made in Spain are yours. We will send you your purchase, within 24 to 72 hours, in the case of plain bags; from 7 to 10 working days, if they are personalized. From 3000 units or manufactures under order will be from 30 to 40 days. The transport will be free, if the establishment is in the Peninsula.

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