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Zipper Covers 25x35 Green

Referencia: 05053

Dimensions: 25 cm wide x 35 cm long

Material: 100g TST

Closure: Zipper

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Nonwoven is the material from which we produce these flirty zippered fabric covers. They weigh 100 grams, which complements the strength of the unsewn fabric. 

These sleeves are closed with a zipper on the top, which can be matched to the color of the sleeve or another color you like. You can choose a colour from those we have in stock or ask for one expressly. We want you to offer your customers the covers that best reflect the identity of your business, and therefore you have the possibility to fully customize them. This includes selecting a tone for the cover, another for the flange and a different one for the zipper.

To give these cases your personal touch we only need you to indicate your preferences, and if you send us the Pantone shades, so much the better. If you want to print your company logo or a special design on this packaging, either for an event or a campaign, we will silk-screen print it (one side by default). This is a process that in Bolsalea we take great care to ensure that all the pores of the fabric are very well dyed. The results translate into durable covers thanks to the long life of the fabric, which can be recycled without contamination. 

The 25 cm width x 35 cm length also make it an ideal cover for insoles and orthopaedic products, for opticians, small accessories, as well as for the packaging of tourist organisations that promote their locations. Any need and entrepreneurial project that you have will find in these zippered fabric covers a means to connect with your clientele. Also, if you have the online part, they will give a magnificent presentation to your shipments.

They carry the quality seal of Bolsalea's products, as well as the one given by their manufacture in Spain. You can buy them from 500 units and we remind you that each one of them will be even more economical as the order is larger. We send it to you free of charge, if your shop is located in Spain (within the Peninsula) or Portugal. Within 30 to 40 working days you will be able to offer them to your customers.  

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