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Save suit fabric handle 60x110 Black

Referencia: 04001

Dimensions: 60 cm wide x 110 cm long

Material: Fabric TST 100 grams (non-woven)

Handles: woven TST

Zipper: Yes

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This fabric garment holder is available in 7 colours: black, white, navy blue, maroon, beige, dark green or red. It is the perfect size to store short dresses, suits, blazers or jackets. They are cheap TST fabric garments of 100 grams and with a size of 60 cm wide x 110 cm high.

The material with which it is made is the non-woven fabric, ideal for the conservation of the garments since it has micro pores that allow the perspiration of the clothes. The handles are also made of this same material and the closure is a zipper. 

At Bolsalea you can buy small quantities as the minimum order is one box, which is equivalent to 50 garment holders.

If you want to give a special touch to your clothes, we help you do it by printing on the cover the logo that identifies your brand. The inks we use are ecological, do not contain alcohol and are perfect for printing on this type of material.

This case is comfortable to carry as it is light and does not increase the weight of the garment. As it can be folded by click buttons, in Bolsalea we take advantage of this practicality. In what way? By printing the image or logo of your shop or atelier, if you are a designer. In fact, we could make two prints so that your personal seal is visible: when the garment is stretched and another one for when it is folded. It will make an item that is already eye-catching more attractive. Add to this the fact that your customers will like to see the silk-screen printing when they open their wardrobes and see the sleeve. A great way to build their loyalty. 

Precisely, that visibility we mentioned is so important for the most modest designers who do not have so many means to advertise their brand. We put these wardrobes at your disposal to help you get a better positioning in the market. In addition, you can offer a top quality shopping experience. This will go hand in hand with the values of sustainability, as we have mentioned. 

The long life of this cover ensures that the product can be reused. This will contribute, in a fundamental way, to your customers' confidence in your brand. How can you not acquire a packaging that only offers advantages? 

Remember, shipping is free on the peninsula and delivery times in any color and without customization are 24 to 72 hours. If you dare to customize them are 7 to 10 working days.

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  • [5 ★]   
    Diseño funcional muy buena relación entre calidad y precio.
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    Buena relación calidad - precio.
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    Lo único que echo de menos es un tamaño intermedio. Por lo demás, perfecto
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    Algunos tirados de cremalleras son negros y otros plata para el mismo modelo y pedido. Hay topes de cremallera abiertos o desaparecidos.
  • [5 ★]   
    Excelente calidad relacion precio
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    Se adapta a la perfección a nuestras necesidades
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    Muy buena calidad
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    Bien presentado. No me ha dado tiempo a valorar la calidad del producto pero diría que es muy aceptable.
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    Encantada con la rapidez y calidad
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    Todo correcto, es lo que esperaba.
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    Súper buenos, bonitos y baratos! Mucho mejor de lo que esperaba