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Bags for four bottles 18x30x18

Referencia: 09028

Dimensions: 18 cm wide x 30 cm long x 18 cm bellows

Material: 100 g TST

Handles: Fabric

Separator: Fabric

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With our four-bottle bags, your business will have reliable and attractive packaging. The non-woven fabric in which they are made will support the weight of drinks and oils. Your customers won't suffer with wrappers that break down and spoil their purchases. 

They are 100 grams thick and have 30 cm handles that make them easy to carry. Its reliability is also given by the spacers between the bottles, which make them go in place, without them crashing and being damaged. These dividers are tough because they are made of cardboard, but they are covered with the same fabric. It will give a nice image.

These square-shaped bags measure 18 cm wide x 30 cm long, and have a bellows of 18 cm. As they are sewn to order, we can adapt to your needs. You can buy them plain or customize them with the design you like. If they are printed with your logo, you will enhance the communication power of the packaging. Your brand will get huge publicity when they are used. Imagine your winery, gourmet shop or oil company offering them to customers, safe in the move. 

Also, you will make a great impression at a fair or event in which you participate: visitors will take away an attractive packaging with a message. You will strengthen your brand's prominence, which will increase with every use. Yes, they are reusable and so we make sure that they do not damage the ecosystem. PP Non Woven is recyclable and the inks we use, in case of customization, are sustainable. 

Your consumers will be able to enjoy these bottle bags within 30 to 40 days. The transport of your shipment will be free, if the destination is within the peninsula (Spain or Portugal). 

You can trust its quality, it has the guarantee of articles manufactured in Spain.

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