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Ham covers 70x40

Referencia: 05005

Dimensions: 70 cm wide x 40 cm high

Material: TST or 100 grams of TNT (Non woven or nonwoven)

Handles: Fabric

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Unlike beautiful actors and actresses, who seem to have to get ugly to be taken seriously, with many products they happen to win depending on how they are presented. Let's take the example we are dealing with here: Serrano ham. A good leg of jabugo does not stand out precisely because it is naturally beautiful. Now... imagine that same leg with a good wrapping, well dressed. Things change, don't they? This is what we propose with these ham covers: to give a touch of luxury to one of our most international (and exquisite) products.

When it comes to displaying a gourmet product, the packaging is fundamental, and it must respond to a series of special requirements that are different from any other product, since we are dealing with perishable and food items. The bags for transporting ham have this, and more, in mind: to begin with because they are made of a porous fabric, which allows its contents to breathe, and is suitable for contact with food.

They have generous measurements, 70 centimetres wide by 30 centimetres high, with enough interior space to store any type of leg and also an opening in the front that allows the animal's hoof to be seen. For the closing, a zipper that goes in the same color as the container: white, green, bone, maroon and black. 

At the top of these ham covers, and to make it easier to carry, are sewn handles, also made of non-woven fabric, which make it easier to carry the product. We are not only looking for a careful and clean aesthetic, but also for comfort when carrying it, since, as it is an article with a good weight, it is essential to achieve the appropriate resistance.

This type of packaging is very much in demand not only by gourmet product shops and ham dryers, but also by companies of all kinds that want to give their best customers this very Spanish product and want to give it an added value with a luxury packaging.



At this point we would also like to emphasize that these are personalized ham covers, for those who need them, with your company logo or the design you want. All you have to do is select this option when you place your order and our graphic team will make sure everything is to your liking, sending you a model before going into production. Ah! And the inks, of course, are water-based and alcohol-free, with no risk to food.

And in case you need something more specific, just contact us and tell us your idea. We love to support small businesses and be part of their projects, so we also offer you a discount, which is automatically applied in case you need more than one box of bags to transport ham. 



As for the shipping, it is free in the peninsula, and it takes between 24 and 72 hours for orders without silk-screen printing and between 7 and 10 days for silk-screen printed covers. What do you think? Place your order and celebrate, for example, with a good ham cover.

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