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Kraft Flat Handle Bag 32x41x12

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Dimensions: 32 cm wide x 41 cm high x 12 cm bellows

Material: 90 g laid paper

Handle: flat kraft paper 

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These kraft flat handle bags are the ideal packaging solution for your business. They combine strength, simplicity and creative potential. The weight of the paper is 90 grams. they have made of strong material that also has laid form, some fine striations that give them strength.

Their handles are flat with the same material and comfortable to carry on. They come folding inward, which occupy less space. Therefore, they provide a simpler appearence to this economic package.

The price is so good because they are made automatically. This streamlines production and consecuently the price is more cheaper. In addition, if you place an order with higher units, each unit comes more affordable.

They measure 32 cm wide x 41 cm high. Their 12 cm bellows increases the capacity of these versatile bags. The range of possibilities is very wide: cosmetics stores, food, arts shops, for DIY ... In short, entrepreneurs who want to transmit an effectively messages unadorned.

They are also perfect for businesses that promote environmental respect. Not only for their natural beauty, they are also recyclable and biodegradable. If this bag were forgotten in the nature they will decompose in the elements and going to be part of the ecosystem.

All these sustainable values are attesting by official certifications PEFC and FSC. They guarantee the origin of the raw material and the forests controlled logging. We also use water-based inks, in case you want to customize. We can screen print in the tone that you like.

Don´t worry about anything because you only have to join your design and color during the purchase process. We will send you the print layout before sending the bags to be printed so you would be sure that everything is exactly as you want. Otherwise, you can make corrections that you want to. You have the last word.

In Bolsalea can boast excellent results and serigraphs at full resolution. You can find more information on how to customize in our blog.

Our kraft flat handle bag bear the stamp of quality made in Spain and they always accept more customization of that. You can add the DIY touch and give  them a biggest difference, even if you opt for anonymous bags. They are reusable and you will be providing enduring identity.

With all these benefits for your brand, what do you waiting for to customize your commercial offer? 

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