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Save suit economic 62x100

Referencia: 04040

Dimensions: 62 cm wide x 100 cm high

Material: Non woven 80 gram

Handles: Nonwoven

Zipper: No

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The customer experience is often greatly enhanced by details that make a difference and, although at first glance they may seem unnecessary, they become great surprises for our consumers and will motivate them to visit the store again. The purpose of these inexpensive garments is precisely that: to offer an added value in each purchase that, in addition, for our business, will not mean spending a million dollars.

We have all bought a coat, a suit or a jacket at some time and it has been delivered to us in an ordinary bag. This type of clothing is usually more expensive or special than a T-shirt, for example, so it takes us longer to choose it, try it on and even ask friends or the salesperson for help to know for sure if it is the most appropriate. What do we expect as customers in this type of major purchase? A special service. And let's not fool ourselves, the final delivery of the product is the moment that makes the difference, if it is well done, and an art that luxury brands master.

Having in our store garment bags for this type of sales is therefore fundamental, because the customer will take something more than just a wrapper. The ones you see here are economical, simple and with a magnificent result, as they preserve the garments over time and also serve for the customer to take his new purchase home.

They measure 60x100 centimeters long and are very light in weight, for we manufacture them in 80 gr. non-woven fabric, as the sewn-in part is thermo-sealed, but very resistant and widely accepted in the marketplace. This model does not have a zipper, so you just need to put the garment in through the lower opening and take the hanger out through the upper slot, located between the two handles, which are very comfortable to wear. It couldn't be easier!



It is available in three colours: black, grey and bone and, mind you, it can be customised with your shop's logo or with the design you prefer. This is done in silk-screen printing and, by default, in the upper area of the packaging. If you want to print it somewhere else, just contact us and we will make your wishes come true (as far as possible, you know). You can't ask for more from these inexpensive garments, which also take up very little space.

Heat-sealed garment carriers are the choice of many fashion shops, for example, in times of sales, or when they want to give their customers an extra service. Put yourself in the consumer's shoes and imagine that you buy a coat and, without waiting for it, it is delivered to you in a special garment bag that will make it easier to store in your home closet. Without a doubt, the store will win entirely in your ranking of favorite stores, and that is what we want: for you to stand out from the competition thanks to details that make the difference.



So, if you have a tight packaging budget, but don't want to do without this type of packaging in your store, we encourage you to try it. You can place an order starting from a box of 100 units, which will not reach 100 ?. And if you need more, as always, we automatically apply a discount: the more units, the greater the discount.



Don't forget to tell us if you want it personalized, and keep in mind that, in that case, it will take you very little longer to receive it, since from 24 to 72 hours, we will deliver it to you in an estimated time of between 7 and 10 days.

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    Perfecto y rápido
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    mejor de lo que pensaba
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    Muy buena calidad precio. Merece la pena
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    Las fundas no me han gustado. Van sin apertura y son incomodísimas para meter los trajes. Me avisaron que eran sin cremallera, pero me dijeron que se cerraban con velcro y no tiene velcro ya que, como digo van totalmente cerradas. Nada aconsejable este tipo de funda
  • [5 ★]   
    Calidad y precio.
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    Rápido y sencillo
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    Excelente calidad precio