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Paper bag take away 26x25x18

Reference: 00900
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Measure: 26 cm width x 25 cm high x 18 cm gusset

Material: ecological paper 80 gr

Handle: flat paper

Made in Spain


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It´s so important to customize and that each client gets exactly what it needs. Isn´t it? For this reason this bags to take away are so necesaries. This bags have the perfect size to delivery all sale orders no small, nor big. For example... ¡Perfect for a romantic dinner!

Thanks to its size, practically squared,  26 cm width x 25 cm high x 18 cm gusset, you would  avoid that all this kind of sale orders "dance" if you use a big package, or they are fitted tightly if they are small. 

The most important thing when we are talking about food is presenting food in a more appealing way, and to do better we can use this elegant, cute grocery bags, special to restaurants services and catering.

We have ensured that these bags have the capacity to carry trays without any spillage or overturn the material, and it can be transported comfortably and can be carried by hand and motorbike because their flat paper handle.   Additionally, this handles can be folded turned inwards in a manner that to keep easy the folding and reduce the space. We thought of everything!

In order to obtain full advantage of your business -our intention is offer to our clients many different solutions focus on small and medium-scale enterprises and entrepreneurs- we give you many different possibilities to customizing your bags. Our desing team will offer you a plan to suit your budget and so you can have bags customizing with your logo or image. You can image, for example, show many differents mesages to your clients in differents sizes of bags. Is an added value that you can offers to yours clients.


In addition to the option to ask for a custom model, we can offer adventages like the more order you do, more discount you will obtain. We making customer satisfaction a priority, in this way we offer ecological and biodegradable products.  If you are looking for paper bags environmentally friendly, with different enviroment certifications like PEFC and FSC, this certification acreditted the sustainability of forests whose origen is the raw material.

If you need this package, please feel free to choose the quantities in the top of the page when you make the order.  This bags are made in Spain and  all orders arrive between 24 y 72 hours, without engraving; and between 7 to 10 days, if you want a custom work.  We give you many possibilities to place the order and differents ways of pay.  


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