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Paper bag for take away 26x25x18.

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Measure: 26 cm width x 25 cm high x 18 cm gusset

Material: kraft laid paper 80 gr

Handle: flat paper

Made in Spain


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Realy cool, this is the principal caracteristic for our kraft paper grosery bag.  This is the best option for your regular transport food. This wonderful bag has a cute form and is made of 80 gr recycled and ecological paper. With measure 26 cm width x 25 cm high x 18 cm gusset, practicaly square, this is very peculiar in a grosery bag. 

In addition, teir flat handle are a usufull and inusual caracteristics. Additionally, this handles can be folded turned inwards in a manner that to keep easy the folding and reduce the space.  But the matter is much more fitting because their 18 cm of gusset give them more capacity and volume. A unique packaging made for your services to your clients.

These bag are ideal to transport food. Inside this bag you can carrying the meal tray in horizontal way. These are a grocery bags with heavy flat paper handle, very reliable and strong.

You can use this bags in your restaurantsnacks and fast food stores or catering companies. There are ideal to cooking school and workshops because can carry meal and cooked products. With the rise of cooking school in our country, this bag have become in a very popular product.

There are totally respectful with the food that carry on and environmentally friendly, bacause they are recycle and biodegradable. They have different enviroment certifications like PEFC and FSC, this certification acreditted the sustainability of forests whose origen is the raw material.

This bags have a long usufull life because are reusable. You can print your exclusive desing logo on it  to make use all their functionalities. Over standard brown color, characteristic of the kraft laid paper, we can engraving your logo in any colors that you can choose. We can printing and engraving your logo in very high definition.  This is a very succesful form of advertising. In our blog you can find many differents ideas to make your own project if you want to create a DIY project.

We have a compromise with small and medium-scale enterprises and entrepreneurs. We can made you life easier give you solutions and avoid troubles. You can buy small quantities with a very attractive prices.

This bags are made in Spain and  all orders arrive between 24 and 72 hours, without engraving; and between 7 to 10 days, if you want a custom work.  We give you many possibilities to place the order and differents ways of pay.  

This bag can provide added value to your bussines. You have the opportunity to take an extra step to offer shopping experience to your clients. 


  • excelente calidad
  • buen servicio y buen producto

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