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Bags without handles 70 gr 18x32

Referencia: 06246

Dimensions: 18 cm wide x 32 cm long

Material: Cellulose white stuccoed 70 grams

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These paper bags without handles have a sophisticated halo and we're going to tell you the secret. They are made of coated paper, or so-called glossy paper, specifically cellulose. In other words, it is a coated material that gives them a smooth appearance and gives them great quality in printing.

It is this potential that you can use to give your consumers a unique shopping experience. The silk-screen printing of this packaging with your logo will give more visibility to your firm and will help to build up the loyalty of your consumers. If they are satisfied with their purchases, they will keep these wrappers with care and use them in special moments. They will walk around with pride and if they are silk-screened with the name of your business, you will make yourself known to potential customers.

These paper bags measure 18 cm wide x 32 cm long. They are 70 grams thick, which makes them strong enough to carry products safely and without missing the handles. Their absence allows you to leave them open or fold their top to give them a more detailed touch. Small complements, handmade products, pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs are examples of the many articles that can be carried. Their white colour, which conveys cleanliness, and the fact that they are food-friendly, contribute to this. 

You can acquire these bags from a few units, both plain and personalized. In the first case, you will receive them in your store within 24 to 72 hours. If you prefer to silk-screen print them, it would be between 7 and 10 days. The shipment of any of our wrappers is without added cost, if the destination is somewhere in the Peninsula. 

This packaging has the guarantee provided by the product manufactured in Spain. This is synonymous with quality and efficiency. Two values that are present in any unforgettable shopping experience. 

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